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Boosting green and digital manufacturing in Europe through smart CPSoS (1) (1)
5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Outdated processes, inefficiency, lack of coordination? Delays.


Consequences: Delayed deliveries, decreased productivity, missed growth - Competitors ahead.

Zero-SWARM 5G Automation Solutions redefine connectivity, reduce your lead times, boost your productivity boosts and get your products faster to the market.

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5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Smart assembly in cabinet production solution

Integrating 5G time stamping and synchronisation into smart assembly processes elevates precision, speed, and adaptability. This advanced technology contributes to a more efficient and responsive industrial production environment, ensuring optimal coordination, real-time data insights, and future-ready capabilities for enhanced productivity and quality control.

Experience optimal coordination, real-time data insights, and enhanced productivity, ensuring your operations are at the forefront of innovation and quality control.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm-1

Zero-SWARM 5G-powered PLC’s solution

Deploying 5G-powered PLCs in adaptive manufacturing environments establishes the foundation for a highly responsive and interconnected industrial ecosystem. PLCs are pivotal enablers for the efficient and agile production processes demanded by the modern manufacturing landscape.

Redefine adaptability in your industrial ecosystem with real-time communication, low latency, and seamless integration.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM 5G-Enabled AGV Safety and Coordination solution

The integration of 5G-enabled AGV transforms industrial logistics by establishing a robust and responsive communication infrastructure. This technology not only enhances safety measures but also optimises the efficiency and agility of AGV operations in dynamic manufacturing environments, fostering a more secure and streamlined logistics ecosystem.

Ensure seamless human-AGV cooperation and harness the power of 5G for your operations.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Cloud-Controlled Mobile Robotic Arm solution

The integration of Cloud-Controlled Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) marks a transformative shift in industrial automation, harnessing the capabilities of cloud computing to elevate control, adaptability, and overall efficiency in autonomous mobile operations. This innovative approach not only centralises management but also enables real-time optimisation and scalability, defining a new standard for intelligent and responsive industrial mobility.

Optimize your workflow with precision and adaptability, transforming your operational scenarios for the better.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Pop-up sensor network solution

The 5G pop-up sensor network solution in manufacturing provides a responsive, adaptable, private and cost-effective solution for gathering real-time data, optimising processes, and supporting various manufacturing scenarios, especially those that demand temporary or flexible setups. 

Enhance your expertise with cutting-edge modules designed for efficient commissioning and device monitoring in both virtual and physical environments.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Hardware and Software Automatic Packaging line solution

Zero-SWARM Technologies applied to Fully Automated Ready-Meal Packaging Line represents a practical application for industrial production. This scenario allows us to verify the effectiveness of our IEC61499-compliant hardware and software designs. The technology seamlessly integrates stand-alone devices like Tray-Sealer Machine, Robotics Cell, and ARM for efficient handling of food goods and packaging materials. 

Profit from adaptability and dependability in your packaging lines, with a glimpse of automation and validation techniques.

5G AUTOMATION zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Industrial MultiControl Integrated cloud-storage solution

Our solution comprises remote control devices, machine sensors, production planning tools, cost analysis software, and maintenance applications. Leveraging OPC-UA and/or proprietary protocols, we provide a robust foundation for Industry 4.0 integration. 

Enhance your expertise with cutting-edge modules designed for efficient commissioning and device monitoring in both virtual and physical environments.

Boosting green and digital manufacturing in Europe through smart CPSoS (1080 x 1080 px)

Embrace 5G, stay ahead.

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The Zero-SWARM project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Innovations Actions under grant agreement No. 101057038.