Go virtual with your plant!

Boosting green and digital manufacturing in Europe through smart CPSoS (1) (1)
5G DIGITAL TWIN zero-swarm

No idea why that machine just broke down?

Dealing with additional operational bottlenecks and high maintenance costs?

Picture this: Downtime that costs you thousands, inefficiencies that eat into your profits, and a lack of visibility into your production lines. It's frustrating, isn't it?

Zero-SWARM's 5G Digital Twin solutions are here to revolutionize your manufacturing operations. 

Our solutions allow you to create a virtual, real-time simulation of your plant using digital twins technology and 5G networks.

Caught your attention? 

Take a look at our solutions…

5G DIGITAL TWIN zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Smart Assembly in Cabinet Production Solution

Elevate your cabinet production with Zero-SWARM's Smart Assembly solution. By integrating 5G time stamping and synchronization into your processes, you unlock precision, speed, and adaptability like never before. Our advanced technology transforms your industrial production environment, ensuring optimal coordination, real-time data insights, and future-ready capabilities.

Experience enhanced productivity and quality control that keeps you ahead of the competition.

5G DIGITAL TWIN zero-swarm

Zero-SWARM Digital Twin for Process Monitoring Solution

Revolutionize your operations with Zero-SWARM's Digital Twin for Process Monitoring. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to monitor your processes in real time, providing accurate control and modeling of your manufacturing cell using OPC-UA and AAS. Streamlined development and deployment on edge devices ensure efficiency and real-time insights, empowering you to predict, optimize, and adapt your operations. 

Enhance, predict and adapt your operations with Digital Twins and stay ahead of the competition.

Boosting green and digital manufacturing in Europe through smart CPSoS (1080 x 1080 px)

Ready to transform your manufacturing plant?

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The Zero-SWARM project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Innovations Actions under grant agreement No. 101057038.