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Boosting Digital Transformation for European SMEs.

CloudCamp4SMEs offers access to high-quality, low-cost training courses focusing on high-demand digital skills for Cloud Technologies  Solutions training content by global leaders in cloud technology to boost the digital transformation of medium-sized enterprises in the EU.

Cloud Pathways & Courses
Beginner and Intermediate Pathways

SMEs Business Leaders and Managers
Lead the Digital Transformation with Cloud

SMEs Business Leaders and Managers

Enroll in the Business Leaders and Managers Pathway to learn to:

  • Articulate Cloud benefits and integration strategies.
  • Develop and initiate Cloud adoption and deployment.
  • Make critical decisions and assess Cloud migration needs.
  • Prioritize security, competencies, and cost-saving plans.

EU SMEs Employees
Boost your professional career with Cloud

EU SMEs Employees

Enroll in the EU SMEs Employees Pathway to learn how to:

  • Define the benefits of adopting a Cloud strategy.
  • Evaluate how digital tools improve productivity and more.
  • Describe the digital skills to the functions of job roles.
  • Integrate security practices into the organisation.

for European SMEs

This isn't just any training program - it's a unique Cloud Training Programme tailored specifically to the needs of European SMEs, ensuring that the training addresses their specific needs,
regardless of their innovation status.

We aim to train around 400 SMEs - and over 1,000 participants - to start.
But it doesn't stop there - after the pilot, the program will be scaled across Europe.

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Our launch event at TechBBQ 2023 in Copenhague

Our launch event was met with enthusiasm as we unveiled our low-cost / high-value Cloud Training Program, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement with captivating panels, enlightening keynotes, and a very insightful discussion on leveraging Cloud technology for SMEs and the importance of the people doing it. Eager attendees posed thought-provoking questions and engaged deeply in the conversations, and the panelists offered powerful insight, unveiling the potential of the Cloud for SMEs.

CloudCamp4SMEs side event at TechBBQ 2023
CloudCamp4SMEs side event at TechBBQ 2023
CloudCamp4SMEs side event at TechBBQ 2023
CloudCamp4SMEs side event at TechBBQ 2023
CloudCamp4SMEs side event at TechBBQ 2023

CloudCamp4SMEs is coordinated by FundingBox and built by a top-notch consortium. Discover us all!

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