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Welcome to FundingBox: Pioneers in digital transformation

You're about to join a community where top-notch European tech gets real and local. Think of us not just as players in the digital game, but as pioneers leading the way. Our goal? To make sure the latest tech advancements from Europe work for you and your community.

We bring European technology to the local level through collaboration with (E)Digital Innovation Hubs

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What is the Supportive Partner Program?

Our Supportive Partner Program stands as a testament to our commitment. This program isn't just a project; it's a meticulously crafted journey designed to elevate Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) to unprecedented levels of innovation and collaboration. By joining this program, you will tap into a wealth of resources, expertise, and funding opportunities that transform your potential into success.

EC Trusted Partner:10 year's experience in funding distribution


Orchestrator ofPublic-PrivateFunding and Tech Transformations


Builder for Champions atEurope’s Largest Deep Tech Ecosystems


Deep Tech Funding Experts

Tech & Verticals:Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Big Data, AI, Security AI, Digital Twins, Photonics

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Championing WHO and HOW: Our Approach

Our strategy begins with you! We focus on empowering a diverse range of institutional partners and organizations. This includes universities, clusters, regional agencies, technological centers, supportive partners, and (E)Digital Innovation Hubs, all dedicated to nurturing innovation and growth.

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Access to Funding

Discover EU Funding Opportunities for Companies and SMEs in Your Region.
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Free Technology Testing for Early-Adopting SMEs in Your Region & access latest trends in tech.
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Connect and Network

With Other DIHs, EDIHs & EU Projects to Encourage Peer Learning and Share Success Stories.
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On Funding, Train-the-trainer, DIH Creation, Use of platforms for DIHs and how to connect with other DIHs
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Participate in Developing Policy Recommendations

Regarding Key Topics on AI & Smart Manufacturing on the European Agenda.
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Services for Funding

Get some soul healing and guidance for your future career and vocational directions.

+20 EC Projects involving Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH’s):

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